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Our corgis are so very loved, and as a result of our love for our babies, they are also very spoiled :)

Our corgis have a 1,200 square foot kennel (corgi palace) specifically made for their needs. Our corgi palace is equipped with its own central air system, back-up generator, in-floor heater, corgi shower station, individual indoor runs, individual outdoor runs which are fully enclosed with a roof allowing them safe access to the outdoors 24/7. In addition to the indoor amenities of the palace, they also frequently get to enjoy our two large outdoor, fenced in grass areas which have seasonal amenities such as doggy pools in the summer, and igloos in the winter! When they are not utilizing these amenities, they are more than likely outside of those premisses roaming on our 47 acres with us while we do our own outdoor activities. See photos of our corgi palace below!

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